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Digital File Requirements

Uploads Book Category Entry Cover Category Entry
Primary Image x x
  • Print-Quality Image
x x
  • Screen/Web-Quality Image
x x
Supporting Images x  
  • Screen/Web-Quality Image
Video x  

Primary image: One (1) straight-on book cover image is required for all entries. The primary image will be featured in the online entry gallery—and if selected by the jury—included in the winners gallery and on AIGA’s websites. Two versions of the same image must be provided (see examples in FAQs).

  • For print-quality images:
    1. Files are saved as .tiff
    2. Image mode CMYK
    3. Uncropped. No background (seamless/silhouetted or full bleed). No compression
    4. Shortest side six (6) inches or greater at 300 DPI
    5. Max size 25 MB
  • For screen/web images:
    1. Files are saved as .png or .jpg
    2. Image mode RGB
    3. Uncropped. No background (seamless/silhouetted or full bleed)
    4. Shortest side 2100 pixels at 150 DPI
    5. Max size 25 MB

Supporting images*: Up to six (6) additional interior shots or spreads (see an example) are recommended.

  • For “Book” or “Book and Cover” categories:
    1. Files are saved as .png or .jpg
    2. Image mode RGB
    3. No background (seamless/silhouetted or full bleed)
    4. Shortest side 2100 pixels at 150 DPI
    5. Max size 25 MB

Video (optional)*: A short video simulating the experience of opening the book and turning the pages is encouraged (no audio or narration). Video is recommended for the Book category and the Book and Cover category to give the jurors a sense of the object in space (size, scale, etc.) and in relation to the reader.

  • For “Book” or “Book and Cover” categories, recommend:
    1. Film in a well lit area
    2. Place the book on a flat surface with a solid background, preferably white or black
    3. Position camera/phone over the book, pointed down when filming
    4. 9x16, 4x5, or 1x1 dimension .mp4 or .mov files are preferred
    5. Less than two-minutes in length
    6. No audio or narration (a project description field is available)
    7. No branding, filters, or effects
    8. Max size 4 GB

YouTube or Vimeo links are also acceptable (for jurors to view, the video must be accessible to a public audience and without password protection).

*For supporting images and video, include images/shots that best represent your entry; books will be reviewed by the jurors on screen.

  • Suggestions: Front cover, back cover, endpapers, table of contents, interior spreads (text heavy and image-driven), back matter, binding, and any special details or features (fold outs, die cuts, embossing, edges, etc.)


If you are entering the 50 Books category of the competition and your work is selected by the jurors, a physical copy of the book must be mailed for inclusion in the AIGA collection or risk being disqualified; entrants will receive the address and instructions via the notification email in the spring.

IMPORTANT: Don't mail books until instructed to do so. We are unable to accept packages at the AIGA office, and we won't be held responsible if packages do not reach their intended destination.

AIGA cannot confirm receipt of packages. If you need delivery confirmation, you will need to purchase that from your delivery service. AIGA cannot pick up your packages from the delivery services.

Entries cannot be returned under any circumstances.