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Fee Breakdown + Payment

Entry Fees (per book)

Until February 10

February 11–20

AIGA members






Deadlines: 11:59 p.m. Eastern

The call for entries opened on December 16, 2019. Early deadline is February 10, 2020. Final deadline is February 20, 2020. All deadlines are final.


  • There is no separate fee to enter a book into both the 50 Books and 50 Covers categories.
  • There are no refunds for payment submitted. There are no refunds if your work is not selected.
  • Whether you select online or offline payment (offline must be approved in advance), you are committing to pay for your entries in full.
  • All payments must be made in U.S. Dollars (USD).
  • All offline payments must reach AIGA within 15 business days of the invoice date.
  • For any payment questions, please contact competitions@aiga.org before February 10.

Online payment
Online payments are accepted via AMEX, MASTERCARD and VISA. Your credit card information will be encrypted and processed via VeriSign Secure Payment Gateway so your privacy is protected. Payment will appear on your credit card statement as AIGA 2128071990 NY. AIGA WILL NOT STORE your payment information for any reason.

Offline payment
All payments by check will be subject to an additional $25.00 USD processing fee.

Entrants must be approved before February 10, for payment by check. At Check Out, contact competitions@aiga.org to be approved and to receive the payment address. Make checks payable to AIGA. ALL CHECKS MUST BE IN U.S. DOLLARS DRAWN ON A U.S. BANK.

All wire transfers will be subject to an additional $35.00 USD processing fee.

International entrants may arrange for payment via wire transfer before February 10. At Check Out, contact competitions@aiga.org for account details.