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Email: competitions@aiga.org

Office hours for support are 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Eastern (Monday-Friday). Please be mindful of these times on the evenings of the early and final deadline. Emails received prior to midnight will be reviewed and resolved the following morning and entries will be accepted.

For updates, follow @AIGADesign and opt-in to subscribe to future competition emails from AIGA: https://aigadsgn.org/subscribe

Join before you enter the competition to take advantage of member benefits, including discounted entry fees.


Is the competition only for members?
Anyone can enter. An AIGA account is required. Creating an AIGA account is free. Joining AIGA is an option during the two-step process. To opt-out of the join process once you've created your account, simply close the tab and return to the competition page to login and continue with the credentials you've just created.

The member fee is not showing after I join/renew my membership. How do I update the entry fees in my cart?
To update your cart, please log out of the competition system and also my.aiga.org. Then login again.

If I am entering a book, do I also have to complete the online form and upload images?
Yes. The online form must be completed for all entries. The images and descriptions will be used to promote entries in the Entry Gallery and juror selections when we announce the best of 2019.

When will the results be announced?
Juror selections will be announced in mid-May 2020.

More information about deadlines and eligibility, file prep and shipping, entry fees and payment information, and terms and conditions can be found under How to Enter.