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Email: competitions@aiga.org

Office hours for support are 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET (Monday-Friday).

Please be mindful of these times on the evenings of the early and final deadline. Emails received after 5:00 p.m. ET and prior to midnight will be reviewed and resolved the following morning and entries will be accepted.

For updates, follow @AIGADesign and opt-in to subscribe to future competition emails from AIGA: https://aigadsgn.org/subscribe

Join before you enter the competition to take advantage of member benefits, including discounted entry fees.

More information about deadlines and eligibility, file prep and shipping, entry fees and payment information, and terms and conditions can be found under How to Enter.


Is the competition only for members?
Anyone can enter. First, an AIGA account is required. Creating an AIGA account is free.

  1. Joining AIGA is an option during the two-step process, simply continue when prompted to become a member. Then log out to reset your cart.
  2. To opt-out of the join process once you've created your account, simply close the tab and return to the competition page to login and continue with the credentials you've just created.

I think I'm a member, but I am getting the nonmember rate.
Please confirm your membership has not recently lapsed. You may be up for renewal and need to reinstate your membership before you begin. Please login to my.aiga.org to confirm your member status. Or search the Member Directory to confirm if a colleague has an active membership (Note: names of members in good standing will only appear if they have selected the directory option). Please contact membership@aiga.org if you have questions about your membership status.

Why am I being charged nonmember fees?
The competition system looks at your member type when you login to determine the correct fees. If you decide to join or renew in mid-cart, you must log out to reset the fees. See below for more information.

The member fee is not showing after I join/renew my membership. How do I update the entry fees in my cart?
First, save your work! To update your cart, please log out of the competition system and also log out of my.aiga.org. This will reset your account. Then, login again to refresh your member settings and your cart. If this does not refresh your cart, please contact membership@aiga.org. It is possible that you may have a duplicate account, and we will need to merge them in order for you to continue.

If I am entering a book, do I also have to complete the online form and upload images?
Yes. The online form must be completed for all entries. The images and descriptions will be used to promote entries in the Entry Gallery, and if selelcted by the jurors, in the Winners Gallery when the best of 2021 are announced.

When will the results be announced?
Only entrants with work(s) selected by the jurors will be notified of inclusion in this year’s competition. If selected by the jurors, notification emails will be sent to winning entrants in April or May. The results of this year’s competition will be publicly announced in June 2022.

What does “no background (silhouetted)” mean?
The primary image will appear as the thumbnail in the online galleries. We’d like to standardize images to the extent possible.

The preference is a straight-ahead shot with either no background (image is the exact dimensions of the book). It works best for Covers in the online gallery. We will also accept a photograph of the cover of the book on a solid white background.

For Books, it can be helpful to photograph the book on a solid white background to give the object some dimension. Supporting images and video will also accomplish this.

Below are some examples:

Cover with no background (silhouetted):
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Book and Cover series with solid white background:
Literature Classics

Book with solid white background:
Prometheus 2017: Four Artists from Mexico Revisit Orozco
Claus Porto – 130 Years
Michelangelo Pistoletto: The Minus Objects