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How to enter

Final deadline: February 20, 2020 (11:59 p.m. EST)

Read more about deadlines and eligibility + fees and payments + file prep and shipping.

  1. Click here to begin or complete your entry form. You will be directed to the AIGA login page. Don’t have an AIGA account? Create one now—setting up an account is free. If this is your first time creating an acount with AIGA, please select "Allow" for our competition system and customer system to sync.
    (Bonus: AIGA members enjoy discounts on entry fees! Join first to take advantage of this benefit.)
  2. Tell the jurors if your entry should be judged as a cover, a book, or both.
  3. For all entries, enter the book information, including title, author, and full design and production credits.
  4. Upload your image files. A straight-on cover (primary image) is required to be displayed in print or on screen.
    • At least one (1) print-quality TIFF (no compression and uncropped), shortest side six (6) inches or greater at 300 DPI, silhouetted (no background). Image mode; RGB. If a series entry, upload one TIFF per book cover.
    • At least one (1) web-accessible .PNG or .JPG, minimum 150 DPI, 1200 pixels or greater on its shortest side, silhouetted (no background). Image mode; RGB.
    • You are welcome to upload up to five (5) additional images of the project. For the 50 Books competition category, interior shots or spreads are encouraged.
  5. Review your entries for completeness and accuracy in your cart!
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Submit your payment online.
  8. Every entry must be completed online. If you are entering a book to be judged in the 50 Books cateogry, send a physical copy of the book to the judging location; entrants will receive the address and instructions via the confirmation email. Important: Do not mail books until instructed to do so. Incorrectly mailed books will not be judged.